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Men’s Association Procedure for Tee Times

      Policy will be in effect beginning April 1st and ending on October 31st.

     Weekend/Holiday Tee times will begin at 9:30 am at the Rising Sun Course and the North East Course.

     Members have until Thursday night by 6:00 pm prior to the Saturday and Sunday gaggle to call and secure a place in the gaggle. Remaining times not filled by Friday morning at 7:00 am will be given out to the public and other members.

        If you were unable to sign up by Friday for the Association games, you must sign in or call in by
8:00 am day of game at Rising Sun and North East, only if there are available spots to make the teams an even number.  If you fail to do so, you are not permitted to play in the Association that day.

        Payment of daily monies must be accepted before you play.

      Prize money will be passed out either on that day or on the following weekend based on officer availability.

      Anyone calling in and not showing for their tee time will not be allowed to play on the following weekend, excluding Tournaments.

        A Friday Gaggle for all Men Members will be reserved at 12:30 pm.

        A Weekday gaggle at 9am will be reserved for up to 12 players Monday-Thursday. The 1st and the 3rd week of each month will be at Rising Sun and the 2nd and 4th week will be held at North East unless otherwise posted.

        If a member tournament or qualifier is being played at one of the courses no gaggle will be permitted that day.

Men’s Association Rules

        Starter will note the time the last player in each group tees off on the Association starting time sheet.

        Starter will note the time each group finishes the ninth hole on the Association starting time sheet.

        Captain of each group is responsible for brining his group’s scorecard to the officer of the day immediately after his group finishes their round.  The Captain is the person with the lowest pill number in each group.  The officer will enter each group’s finishing time on the Association starting time sheet and posting scores for weekend play.

        Play must be finished within four and a quarter (4) hours of starting time.  In the event the preceding group takes more than 4 hours to complete their round, the following group must finish within fifteen (15) minutes of the preceding group.

        If a group plays through a group, the group playing through will not be penalized for slow play.  The group, which allows the group to play through, will assume the starting time of the group playing through.

        All members of a group that do not complete their round in 4 hours or within fifteen minutes of a group that finishes in more than 4 hours will be assessed a $3.00 fine per person, payable that day.  The cash collected from fines will be deposited into the Association treasury.  Failure to pay a fine will result in suspension from the Association for the remainder of the season.  The suspended player will be required to pay a $50.00 initiation fee to rejoin the Association the following year.

        No player shall actively search for golf balls in ponds, woods, etc. unless searching for his own ball or ball of a member of his group.  Penalty for ignoring this rule shall be suspension from next day’s regular play.  Tournament days are not regular days.

        Captain is responsible for monitoring the etiquette of his group.

        Throwing a club during weekend play:

*        1st time offense will result in 1 stroke penalty.

*        2nd time offense will result in $25.00 penalty paid to Association that day.

*        3rd time offense will result in suspension until appearance before Board of Directors of Association.

Constitution and By-Laws

Article I

Name and Objectives

Section I -- Name

This Association shall be known as the Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Men’s Association and shall be referred to as The Association.

Section II -- Objectives

The objectives of The Association shall be:

  1. To hold meetings.
  2. To hold tournaments.
  3. To hold outings.
  4. To organize regular team play on the weekends at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club.

Article II

Eligibility and Dues

Section I -- Eligibility

In order to become a member of The Association, the applicant must:

  1. Be a member of Chesapeake Bay Golf Club in good standing. 
  2. Be sixteen years of age or older, or is able to maintain a 20 handicap or better.
  3. Play three rounds of golf during Association play.  These three rounds must be with active Association members who have not recommended the candidate for membership.
  4. Achieve a handicap of 30 or lower based on USGA rules. 
  5. Complete an application form as designated by the officers.

Section II -- Dues

  1. Annual Dues will be set at the first Men’s Association meeting of each year. The amount will be at the discretion of the officers, but not to exceed $100.00. Dues are to be paid by all members who want to participate in gaggles and men’s Association tournaments.

  2. Payment of dues is required by March 30 of each year or before first men’s association tournament.
Section III -- Hole in One’s (made by a Member of the Men’s Association) Rules
  1. Eligibility of an ace to receive benefits from the hole-in-one;
    1. Hole-in-one prize applies to only 2011 current members of the Men’s Association who are in good standing.
    2. The ace must be witnessed to be eligible for prize.
    3. The scorecard must be turned in to the pro-shop with 2 signatures from the player who made the ace and at least one playing partner who witnessed the ace.
    4. November 1 will be the last date when an ace will be counted for the current year’s prize.
    5. If no hole-in-one occurs during the year, any allotted monies will not be carried over to the following year’s hole-in-one prize pool. The allocated money will be used for the year end election event or determined by committee.
    6. Every Hole-in-one will be awarded a $50 Gift Certificate to the Chesapeake Bay GC golf shop and the Men’s Association will pay for a drink for any member that day and a guest on the day of the ace. The member who got the ace must let the Bar know to create a tab for the day in honor of the member who got the ace.
    7. Only a bar tab from either Chesapeake Bay Golf Club will be eligible for reimbursement.
    8. If the prize pool account becomes depleted due to many aces a surcharge of $5 per Men’s association member will be assessed.

Article III


Section I

  1. There shall be opening and closing tournaments and a member-guest held annually by the presiding officers.
  2. There shall be one golf outing per year held at the discretion of the presiding officers.
  3. Membership meetings shall be held quarterly.
  4. Executive Board of Directors and Officers will call a meeting at least once every two months.
  5. All dues and monies raised by the Chesapeake Bay Golf Club Men’s Association must be spent at one of the Chesapeake Bay Golf Club facilities in the form of gift certificates or fees for events held at Chesapeake Bay Golf Clubs.
  6. The Association must maintain a maximum of $100.00 in the bank account at year-end to carry over for the following year.

Article IV

Executive Board of Governors and Officers

Section I

The Executive Board of Governors shall consist of four members being a Chairman (Andrew Barbin), Co-Chairman (Brian Kramp), Current President (Mike Asplen) and Vice-President (Bob Webb).  Chairman and Co-Chairman being non-elected positions, and all others being elected in accordance with the by-laws.

Section II – 2011 Officers

Two members at large will be appointed by Current President.

Officers shall consist of:

            President:  Mike Asplen

            Vice President:  Bob Webb

            Treasurer:  Rich Haiber

            Secretary:  Harshad Desai

            At Large: Don Johnson

            At Large: Steve Linkous

By-Laws and Regulations

 Article I


Section I

A.     Purpose

1.      Provide Set Tee Times on the weekends and Holidays at 9:30 am at the Rising Sun and the North East Course

2.      Provide a Playing Opportunity

3.      Provide 36 Holes For Play at Chesapeake Bay Golf Club

B.     Meetings

1.      Meetings shall be held at least 3 Times on the following Saturday’s following the men’s gaggle; (March 13, June 26, November 6)

2.      A quorum (one-third of the Association members) must be present to vote on matters dealing with the Association.

3.      Only the President shall be able to designate a time and place for a meeting.

4.      Notification must be posted at least seven calendar days prior to the meeting.

5.      Last meeting must be held between the closing tournament and the end of the fourth quarter.

C.     Tournament Prize Format

*        The tournament committee and current officers will decide all prizes awarded at each tournament.

D.     Victory Hope Foundation

The Association will contribute to the Victory Hope Foundation Annually. Any funds to be contributed will be at the discretion of the officers.

Section II – Gaggles

A.     Saturday / Sunday & Holidays Format (other than Tournament Play)

*        Formats for gaggle are optional and can be interchanged or modified, by the eligible players participating, on the day of the event. Any dispute as to format shall be resolved by any officer of the Association present or by the Golf Professional on duty, in this order of ranking.

B.     Time Requirement:

1.       Rising Sun Course

        All players eligible for play as specified in the Constitution and By-Laws must be present for play at 8:45 am unless otherwise decided and posted by the Board of Governors.

        Play will begin 9:30 am sharp.

2.      North East Course

        All players eligible for play as specified in the Constitution and By-Laws must be present for play at 8:45 am unless otherwise decided and posted by the Board of Governors.

        Play will begin 9:30 am sharp.

Article II


Section I

  1. Elections will be held in accordance with Article I, Section I, Sub Paragraph A-5 of the by-laws and regulations.
  2. Officers elected shall be by floor nomination and seconding.
  3. Nomination shall not exceed three candidates.
  4. The offers shall be duly elected by a majority of those present and voting and shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
  5. Term of officers shall be one (1) year.
  6. Non-Golf Club Members may not hold office in Men’s Association.
  7. One vote per Member.

Article III

Duties of Executive Board

Section I

The Executive Board shall:

  1. Conduct elections.
  2. Preside over all meetings dealing with changes in the Constitution and / or By-Laws.
  3. Approve or disapprove all disciplinary action.
  4. Appoint committees as suggested by the President.
  5. Approve all disbursement of funds and monies of The Association.

Article IV

Duties of Officers

Section I

A.     President

1.      Shall preside over all regular meetings.

2.      Shall suggest committees to the Board of Governors.

3.      Shall suggest disbursement of funds to the Board of Governors for approval.

4.      Shall supervise weekend play.

B.     Vice President

1.      Shall assist President in all duties.

2.      Shall assume all duties of the President in his absence.

3.      Head of Tournament Committee

C.     Treasurer

1.      Shall record and document all monies of The Association.

2.      Shall publish a Financial Report, due at the fourth quarter meeting.

3.      Collect Fees

D.     VP / Secretary

1.      Shall provide for the taking of minutes at all meetings.

2.      Shall be responsible for all correspondence.

Article V

Order of Business

Section I

The order of business shall be observed at all meetings as follows:

  1. Roll Call
  2. Reading of minutes from the previous meeting
  3. Treasurer’s Report
  4. Old Business
  5. New Business
  6. Election of officers at Annual Meeting only
  7. Adjournment

Article VI


Section I

Any member may recommend amendments to the Constitution or By-Laws as follows:

  1. Amendment must be submitted in writing thirty (30) days prior to quarter meetings to the Board of Governors.
  2. Amendments must be ratified by two-thirds of members present and voting.

CBGC Committees

        Tournament Committee

1.      Help to organize events for the membership.

2.      Prepare food arrangements for events.

3.      Put together tournament gift packs.

4.      Assist in scorekeeping.

5.      Organize participation for events.

6.      Involvement in event pairings.

7.      To get volunteers for Tournament of Champions.

8.      Organize Member-Guest.

9.      Hole by hole contest.

        Rules Committee

1.      Must be knowledgeable on the Rules of Golf.

2.      Must be able to make rulings during events.

3.      Must be able to answer questions every day on the local rules and USGA rules.

        Handicap Committee

1.      Responsible for updating handicaps every two weeks.

2.      Responsible for doing a periodic spot check on scorecards entered.

3.      Maintain handicaps.

4.      Hole by hole contest (ringer / skins).

5.      Equitable stroke control.

Note:  Committee Chairman responsible for information 7 days prior to quarterly mailings.


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